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Opening Reception Sat., Feb 1st, 6 - 8 p.m.
Missouri artist, Martin O. Linson

This event will feature the sculptures of award-winning St. Charles, Missouri artist, Martin O. Linson; the artist will be on hand during the reception to answer questions about his work.

Of special interest to viewers is Linson’s sculpture, “Omnipotent Triumph”, a work which honors the victory of a Paralympian competitor for which Linson was awarded an Olympic Gold Medal in the 2012 London games. Not beholden to a particular style, the artist’s exhibit includes sculptures and drawings which are influenced by both realistic and abstract schools of thought.

In 2013, Linson was awarded the International Sports Artist of the Year, and this show contains several examples of his realistic figurative work which feature athletes such as hockey players, rock climbers and trick ropers. Additionally, there are organic botanical forms inspired by nature and abstract figures which reflect the cultural heritage of the region: “Cotton Picker” and “Day Laborer” are examples of Linson’s homage to hard workers in rural America.

Martin O. Linson’s exhibit will be on display from February 1st through February 23rd, 2014. Learn more about Martin at http://

Martin O. Linson - c. 1999-2014 Margaret Harwell Art Museum, City of Poplar Bluff, Missouri

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