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Plein Air Art Festival 2023

June 2023

Thank you to all who participated in the Plein Air Art Festival! Here are the results!


BEST IN SHOW: Emmalee Hankins, “Under the Hat” Malden High School             $200.00


  1. Elizabeth Arnold: “Sher Khan” Richland R1- $50.00

  2. Emmalee Hankins: “Golden Jelly Fish” Malden High School-$35.00

  3. Jordan Shock: Untitlled Margaret Harwell Art Museum Studio=$25.00

Honorable Mention:

Syntheria Crawford: “Sunset” Greenville High School

Avlyn Fletcher: “My Beautiful Mother” Neelyville High School

Kayden Broom: “Pair of Boxers” Malden High School

Allyson Rogers: “Desolate Road” Neelyville High School


  1. Malachi Summers: “Juice WRLD” Mark Twain Alternative School                    $50.00

  2. Kate Northern: “Rage the Redeemer” Farmington High School                        $35.00

  3. Connor Miller: “Grandma Peggy” Greenville High School                                 $25.00

Honorable Mention: Chaney Theile: “Agony” Greenville High School

                                      Erika Snow: “My Dog” Poplar Bluff High School

                                      Hannah Winters: “Wolf” Poplar Bluff Home School

                                                   MIXED MEDIA

  1. Mackensie Meese: “All Rolled Up in One” Bernie High School                          $50.00

  2. Nathan McCarthy: “In the Field” Farmington High School                                 $35.00

  3. Carleigh Polito: “Wanted Poster” Malden High School                                      $25.00

Honorable Mention: Kate Northern: “Your Face as I Remember It” Farmington High School.

Shyla Swasho: “Wonder Woman” Richland R1


  1. Kate Northern: “Zweisam Niet, Under Gallo” Farmington High School            $50.00

  2. Hannah & Bethany Winters: “Dorm” Poplar Bluff Home School                       $35.00

  3. Jenna Hunter: “Together” Neelyville High School                                           $25.00

Honorable Mention: Shelby Coble: “Burning Time” Neelyville High School

                                      Danyelle Terry: ”Dragon Fish” Greenville High School


  1. Avlyn Fletcher: “Bleached Butterfly” Neelyville High School.                             $50.00

  2. Abby Gardner: “Untitled” Poplar Bluff High School                                              $35.00

  3. Cailin Pratt: “Strawberry Stitch”                                                                               $25.00


  1. Savannah Despain: “ Untitled Blue” Greenville High School                               $50.00

  2. Maci Botsch: “Memories” Bernie High School                                                       $35.00

  3. Savannah Despain: “Untitled Black and White”                                                     $25.00

Pictures by the People

The 35th Annual “Pictures By The People” is open to the public and is now on exhibit at the Margaret Harwell Art Museum in Poplar Bluff August 7 - August 28, 2022.

Congratulations to our winners!


Dan Jackson, "Spokes"


First: Amanda Vasquez, "Anticipation"

Second: Ethan Hoggard, "Painted Bunting Singing"

Third: Dan Jackson, "Fountain Fun"


Honorable Mention:

Jessica Harris, "Bastion of Hope"

Jennifer Coffer, "Too Cool"

Jerrica Harris, "Generational Beauty"

Gary Garner, "Enjoying Bear Grass in the Glacier"

Barb Bailey, "Aster & Artichokes"

Aaron Horrell,"Lost Cypress #5"

Vic Russell, "The Shadow"

James Sisk "Late Summer Sunset"

Lynda Nobles, "Over 'n Under"

Amanda Vasquez, "True Country Love"

Elizabeth Enochs, "Boyhood in Bunthang"

Aaron Badgely' "Ollie"



First: Ella Rushin, "Doc's Medicine Cabinet"

Second: Palyn Patrick, "Step it Up"

Third: Olivia Jones, "Hard Days Work"


Honorable Mention:

Etta Parks, "Treasures"

Mollie Parks, "Etta"

Clinton Shumate "Teton Views"



Selfie: Palyn Patrick (Junior), "Step it Up

Patriotic: Corey Matthews, "Classic American Youth"

Wildlife/Nature: Ethan Hoggard, "Eyes on You"

Black and White: Dan Jackson, "El Cap in October

Architecture: Amanda Vasquez, "The Historic Rodgers"

Cutest Pet: Madison Christian (Junior), "Skittles"

Plein Air & Family Fun Festival

June 2022

Artists of all ages and walks of life joined us for the Plein Air & Family Fun Festival over 4 days. Thank you to all who came out! 

Plein Air Art Festival

June 2022

Thank you to all who participated in the Plein Air Art Festival! Here are the results!

Congratulations to the winners of the 22nd Annual Juried Regional High School Art Exhibit

“SANTA” by Mattilyn Grace Stacy, Poplar Bluff Home Schooled $200.00
1. “GLASS” Mattilyn Grace Stacy, Poplar Bluff, Home Schooled $50.00
2. “Alien” Mattilyn Grace Stacy, Poplar Bluff, Home Schooled $35.00
3. “When He Comes Back, it will be as a Lion” Elizabeth Arnold,
Richland High School $25.00
HM: “Rocket Layne”, Elizabeth Arnold, Richland High School.
HM: “Sun in the Palm of My Hand”, Aaliyah Simmons, Malden 
High School
1. “Glamor” Rachel Lin, Dexter High School $50.00
2. “Chris Hemsworth”, Connor Miller Greenville High School $35.00
3. “Mr. Freedom”, Madeline Johnson, Poplar Bluff high School $25.00
HM: “Feathered Serpent”, Leslie Stover, Malden High School
HM: “Untitled” Kate Northern, Farmington High School
HM: “Portrait with Name Zendaya” Avlyn Fletcher, Neelyville High School.
1. “Peaceful Sleep”, Kate Northern, Farmington R7 $50.00
2. “Untitled” Nora Berkbigler, Farmington R7 $35.00
3. “Scrap Camera” Zach Davis, Neelyville HS $25.00
1. “Seaside Yarn” Alyssa Whilman, Poplar Bluff High $50.00
2. “Flowing Sea” Leney Minks, Poplar Bluff High $35.00
1. “Marilyn” Rachel Lin, Dexter High School $50.00
2. “You Tuber” Gerica Harris, Dexter High School $35.00
3. “Flowers From My Loss” Allie Pulliam, Bernie High School $25.00
HM : “Untitled” Kate Northern, Farmington High School.
1. “Untitled” Caleb Deason, Farmington High School $50.00
2. “Echo” Savannah Despain, Greenville HS $35.00
3. “”Top of the Day” Kooyman, Malden High School $25.00
HM: “Expedition” Addyson Shipman, Neelyville High School
HM: “Harvest Festival” Savannah Despain, Greenville High School

Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 7.53.43 PM.png

March 6, 2022 - March 27, 2022

Regional Elementary Art Classes were invited to showcase the art of their students. The exhibit will be on display through March 27. Enjoy engaging and unique creations from kindergarten to grade eight young artists.

Elementary Art K-8 - Invitational Art Exhibit

The Black History of Southeast Missouri Through Art Opening Reception

February 2022

"The Black History of Southeast Missouri Through Art" is on display February 5 - 28. The opening reception has was held February 12, 2022 from 6 pm - 8 pm. It featured pieces special to the show and some in the museum's permanent collection. 

Cork & Fork Festival

October 2021

It was a beautiful crisp fall evening for our Cork & Fork event! Great music, a delicious meal and great company.